Will your business be ready when the L&I inspector comes knocking?

Feb 15, 2024
Written by WR Communications


Unannounced safety inspections are rising at the rate of a 10% increase per year, according to data the WR Safety Team gathered from national inspection data. We expect the trend in 2024 to be no different. Inspections can be triggered for different reasons, such as a complaint from a current or former employee or a customer or following a significant accident at your store location.

It is imperative to maintain key items and have them readily available for inspectors that may drop by without notice. Items inspectors routinely request include:

  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Accident logs (OSHA 300 Form)
  • Safety Meeting Minutes for the last 12 months
  • Training records (First Aid, Forklift, specific tool operation, etc.)
  • Any accident investigation reports
  • Automobile lift inspection records (for automotive businesses)

When an inspection is complaint-driven, inspectors often request additional documents such as Job Hazard Analysis, Hazardous Chemical Plan, and Shop Safety Walks checklists.

If these documents are not readily available, the inspection might expand to include other topics that may result in additional citations and fines. Please use this checklist to assist safety inspection readiness.

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