What we are tracking — WR Legislative Hot List

Jan 25, 2024
Written by WR Communications


Washington Recycling and Packaging (WRAP) Act (HB 2049)/(SB 6005)

  • Objective: Defines ‘producer’ to put manufacturers at the top of the responsibility chart and retailers at a lower position, preventing them from paying for packaging and recycling for every item on their shelves.
  • Status: Facing opposition from many stakeholders, WR expressed our concerns that this program is too broad and uncertain to adopt in a short 60-day Session.
  • HB 2049 Voted out of committee 1/18/2024, referred to appropriations; SB 6005 had a hearing 1/23/2024.

Beverage Container Recycling (HB 2144)

  • Objective: Similar to Oregon’s long-time program, optional retailer take-back, and mandatory redemption kiosks in larger stores.
  • Position: WR worries about kiosk requirement, Department of Ecology biased oversight, and rural. infrastructure challenges.
  • Status:  Voted out of committee 1/18/2024; referred to finance 1/22/2024.

Artificial Intelligence Bills (SB 5838)/(HB 1934), (HB 1951)

  • Objective: Senate version heard, amended, voted out of committee.; House hearing held 1/19/2024.
  • Position: More information is needed before the state begins regulating.  Supports retail inclusion in a task force, seeks timeline extension; high-priority concerns.  Believes a national solution would be preferable.
  • Status: SB 5838 in Ways and Means; HB 1934 scheduled for a vote on 1/26; no vote scheduled yet for HB 1951.

Fast Fashion Bills (SB 5965)/(HB 2068)

  • Objective: Regulate the fashion industry for supply chain transparency.
  • Position: WR strongly against, citing overreach and problematic supplier obligations.  Better served to debate at a national level.
  • Status:  Both bills heard, waiting for votes.

Retail Career Grant Program (SB 5958)

  • Objective: Promote micro-credentialing in retail through college grants.
  • Position: Strong support, aligns with workforce initiative.
  • Status:  Hearing held, waiting for a vote.

Retail Workforce Workgroup (SB 6296)

  • Objective: Establish a workgroup to standardize retail credentials and degrees as recommended in a 2023 report.
  • Position: Strong support, aligns with workforce initiative.
  • Status: Hearing on 1/26/2024.

Gift Certificates as Unclaimed Property (HB 2095)/(SB 5988)

  • Objective: Unused gift card balances remitted to State after three years.
  • Position: Concerns with privacy issues, operational challenges; WR actively opposing.
  • Status:  Hearings held – waiting for a vote.

Consumer Protection on Gift Certificates (HB 2094)/(SB 5987)

  • Objective: Increase ‘cash-back’ limit, assign cash value to loyalty rewards, payment flexibility.
  • Position: Actively engaged, opposing, and sharing concerns in coalition.
  • Status:  Hearings held – waiting for a vote.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) for Striking Workers (SB 5777)/(HB 1893)

  • Objective: Remove UI disqualification based on a lockout of employees in a multi-employer bargaining unit.
  • Position: WR is opposed to these bills.
  • Status: SB 5777 passed to Rules for second reading 1/17/2024; HB 1893 waiting for a vote.

Organic Food Management (SB 6180)/(HB 2301)

  • Objective: Reduce methane production through statewide food waste mandates.
  • Position: Support intent with concerns for mandates’ feasibility.
  • Status: Hearing held – awaiting move out of committee.


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