What is your experience with the Office of Labor Standards?

Jun 28, 2019
Written by wpengine

Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards has been busy the past few years with enforcement of a host of new labor laws.

These include scheduling, hotel employees, theft of wages, paid sick and safe time, minimum wages and restrictions on how employers can use conviction and arrest records during the hiring process. The office includes an enforcement arm to investigate complaints, check on compliance and administer penalties.

We invite you to share your good or bad OLS experiences with John Engber, Director of the Retail Industry Coalition of Seattle. Your contact with him can be anonymous, if necessary, to help ensure that responsible retailers can work smoothly with the city to meet the requirements of the law in a fair and supportive environment. Washington Retail is committed to monitoring city regulations and their fair and equitable application and enforcement.

John Engber is available at 206-850-5517 or [email protected].