Washington’s major business employers band together to keep the economy open

Jul 16, 2020
Written by wpengine

A group of Washington’s major employers has joined forces to support the official launch of the “Stay Safe, Stay Open” campaign, including members of Washington Retail. A new website and video highlighting businesses throughout the state was released today in support of the statewide mandate requiring both employees and shoppers to wear facial coverings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The health of retailers and their customers will be paramount in recovering the overall state economy from the effects of the virus. Retail employs nearly 400,000 people across the state and the industry supports one in four jobs nationwide. Sales taxes also generate roughly half of the state’s general fund operating budget that pays for several vital public services and programs.

The “Stay Safe, Stay Open” campaign depends upon maximum public participation in wearing facial coverings in public. Studies show that masking up reduces the chance of becoming infected with the virus by 65%.

The National Retail Federation on Wednesday issued a statement in support of a national requirement that employees and shoppers wear facial coverings. It applauded the leadership of companies such as Walmart, Starbucks, BestBuy, Apple, Costco and others that have implemented nationwide policies.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee this week continued to urge Washingtonians to comply with his order to wear facial coverings in public. He said it is the best way to ensure that the state economy can continue to reopen rather than slide back to business lockdowns.

Washington Retail thanks the Association of Washington Business and all our association partners for their teamwork in promoting this campaign.

Everyone in Washington State can help us win the fight to contain the virus while researchers continue work to create vaccines to keep this virus at bay. All of our livelihoods depend upon the success of this effort. Washington Retail joins in urging everyone to support the “Stay Safe, Stay Open” movement by wearing a mask.