Washington Retail adopts renewed diversity statement

Oct 15, 2020
Written by Renée Sunde, President & CEO

As our country has responded to racial tension and social unrest, retailers across the nation responded with renewed commitment to the causes of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI).

Our board led JEDI task force has been meeting over the past several months to open-up dialogue and discuss priorities and future actions. One of the initial outcomes has been the adoption of a renewed statement of the association’s commitment to these important principles.

  • We seek Justice to identify and remove systemic barriers and disadvantages, opening access to resources and opportunities.
  • We are committed to Equity so that each individual can grow and thrive. An individual’s race, personal background, or individual characteristics from a statistical sense, should no longer predict their life outcomes.
  • Through Diversity we seek to reflect our community, encompassing the broad tapestry of people, life experiences and perspectives.
  • Through Inclusion we are determined to amplify each person’s voice and eliminate biases regardless of their abilities, background or experience.

We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment in which these principles can thrive. We value all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, identity, sexual orientation, nationality or disability. It is the foundation of our commitment to those we serve.

The task force has further outlined more than a dozen objectives that will demonstrate our pledge to these principles and values. These objectives will also include tasks that will address our organizational culture through training, communications, workforce opportunities and policy priorities.

As we work to rebuild our economy, Washington Retail is committed to helping to heal and strengthen the social fabric of our nation today and in the future.