Washington My Health My Data Act – Part 7: Biometric Data

Jul 20, 2023
Written by WR Communications

By Mike Hintze, Hintze Law

Welcome to the seventh installment of our blog series focusing on the Washington My Health My Data Act. Part seven discusses biometric data under this Act.

The blog post titled “My Health My Data: Biometric Data” delves into the implications of the Washington My Health My Data Act on biometric data and technologies. The Act expands the definition of biometric data, covering a broader scope than the previously-existing Washington biometric privacy law (RCW 19.375). It introduces new requirements and raises the bar on substantive obligations related to biometric data. The post further explores the definitions of biometric data, the overlapping obligations and new challenges introduced by the Act, and the potential impact on the processing of biometric data due to the risk of litigation under Washington law.

We will continue to delve into this topic in the coming weeks, highlighting additional blog posts examining other components of the Act and the critical issues they raise.

Read Mike Hintze’s blog post here


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