Washington My Health My Data Act – Part 6: Data Subject Rights

Jul 13, 2023
Written by WR Communications

By Mike Hintze, Hintze Law

This article represents the sixth installment of our blog series focusing on the Washington My Health My Data Act. Part 6 discussing consumer rights under this Act.

The Washington My Health My Data Act grants consumers several rights such as access, deletion, withdrawal of consent, and non-discrimination when they exercise these rights. Although these rights aren’t new in privacy laws, the unique ways they are included in this Act create ambiguity and impose new requirements that extend beyond what is required under existing laws. Consequently, entities trying to adhere to these laws will face considerable implementation challenges and, potentially, serious legal quandaries, especially concerning the right to delete. This, coupled with the Act’s provision for private lawsuits, significantly increases the risk of costly legal disputes and litigation.

We will continue to delve into this topic in the coming weeks, highlighting additional blog posts examining other components of the Act and the critical issues they raise.

Read Mike Hintze’s blog post here


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