Walmart’s DroneUp delivery network expanding

May 26, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Walmart will have expanded its DroneUp delivery network to 34 locations by the end of the year, providing a potential reach of 4 million U.S. households across six states – Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Its expanded service will make it possible to deliver over 1 million packages by drone in a year.

Between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., customers will be able to place orders with tens of thousands of eligible items to choose from, such as Tylenol, diapers, and hot dog buns—for delivery by air—in as little as 30 minutes. For a delivery fee of $3.99, customers can order items totaling up to 10 pounds, so simply put, if it fits safely, it flies.

Walmart has seen a positive response from their customers that have used the service. While the company expected customers to use the service for emergency items, they found it was used for its convenience, such as a quick fix for a weeknight meal. For instance, a top-selling item at one of their current hubs is Hamburger Helper.