Walmart exceeds supplier emission targets

Mar 28, 2024
Written by WR Communications

In 2017, Walmart embarked on a monumental journey to combat climate change. With over 100,000 suppliers, Walmart’s initiative, Project Gigaton, aimed to slash 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from its vast supply chain. Remarkably, Walmart achieved this milestone six years ahead of schedule, setting a blazing trail for sustainability in the industry.

Rather than wielding authority, Walmart extended invitations to its suppliers, offering tools and platforms for education, financing, and recognition. Suppliers discovered that emission reductions weren’t just eco-friendly but also enhanced efficiency and profitability. Walmart partnered with esteemed organizations to develop a toolkit, providing guidance for emissions reduction in various sectors.

Through innovative financial programs like sustainability-based supply chain finance and the Gigaton PPA program, suppliers gained access to renewable energy, facilitated by Walmart’s robust infrastructure. Additionally, Walmart bestowed badges of honor upon suppliers, fostering a sense of pride and unity in the collective effort towards sustainability.

Despite achieving its initial goal, Walmart pledged to continue its sustainability crusade, aiming for net-zero emissions in its operations by 2040. This commitment not only cements Walmart’s position as a sustainability leader but also sends ripples of inspiration throughout the retail landscape, inspiring other brands to join the eco-revolution. Walmart’s eco-trail serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating a path towards a greener, more resilient future for all.


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