Voters could elect up to five new Seattle City Council members

Nov 7, 2019
Written by wpengine

Early returns from Tuesday’s election show that Seattle voters could send up to five new members to the nine-member City Council.

A significant number of Seattle votes remain to be counted so final outcomes may not be known for several days. Yet, if current results hold, a liberal, progressive council majority would remain.

One of the three candidates endorsed by Washington Retail, Alex Pedersen in District 4, appears headed for an election win. The endorsed Jim Pugel in District 7 is in a neck-and-neck race to win while WR-backed Heidi Wills was trailing in the District 6 race.

Seven of the council’s nine seats were up for grabs this year. It appears Lisa Herbold and Debora Juarez may be retained while incumbent Kshama Sawant is trailing challenger Egan Orion in the District 3 race.

The business community actively supported challengers to the incumbents this year, but with little effect in contested seats except in the Pedersen race.

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