Two practical tips to make safety the company culture

Jun 1, 2023
Written by WR Communications


Creating a culture of safety in the workplace goes beyond minimal compliance requirements. Leaders must help nurture employees toward a personal connection to the safety program.

Below are two practical ways to establish a culture of safety:

  • Leaders need to be actively involved on the frontline, consistently offer guidance, and mentor in a way that aligns with the safety principles they uphold.
  • Building an ownership mindset where everyone feels responsible for safety, no matter their job title. When everyone feels responsible for safety, it creates a positive atmosphere and a healthier work environment.

Instead of just getting workers to participate in safety activities, it’s essential to build a culture where safety becomes an integral part of the organizational fabric, seamlessly integrated into everyday operations. This normalization of safety transforms it into a fundamental aspect of everything the company does.

A safety culture encompasses the values, attitudes, and behaviors that drive the organization and is an absolute priority for every employee. By creating such a culture, leaders can ensure that safety is not just a set of rules and regulations but a fundamental aspect of the organizational identity.

Our safety team is available to help members transition their safety program from minimal compliance to quality safety practices. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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