Today marks the end of the 2024 legislative session

Mar 7, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Thursday, March 7, marks the official conclusion of the 2024 Supplemental 60-day Session under Washington State’s Constitution.

As commonly heard on the hill, today signifies “Sine Die” – pronounced as “sena dea” – a Legislative term indicating adjournment without setting a date for resumption.

The Legislature has successfully passed its budgets and numerous bills, and now legislators return to their districts. There’s a significant incentive to adjourn on time, especially considering that many of them face reelection this fall. All 98 House members and half of the Senate are up for election, and during the session, they are prohibited from campaigning and fundraising.

Subsequently, the bills and budgets head to the Governor for review. Post-adjournment, the Governor has 20 days to take action, which includes signing the bill into law, vetoing or rejecting it, or utilizing section veto authority, allowing them to eliminate sections they disapprove of. If the Governor takes no action, the bill automatically becomes law. Many bills have specified effective dates, while others become effective after a certain number of days. Some bills carry an emergency clause, rendering them immediately effective upon signing.

WR will thoroughly review all bills it has engaged with, providing comprehensive reporting to its members through a Law Review shortly following the Governor’s bill signing period. Subsequently, WR will assist members in complying with new laws and regulations during the interim period, while also preparing for the next session by engaging with legislators, state agencies, and interest groups.

The next Legislative Session is scheduled to convene on January 13, 2025.



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