Tips for store managers during holiday shopping

Oct 22, 2020
Written by wpengine

For retail store managers, the holidays are like an endurance contest. The pressure’s on to make sales goals and the hours are long, but some of 2020’s stressors only add to the pressure.

More customers are going online so it’s incumbent for brick-and-mortar managers to approach the season in the right frame of mind.

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs (Retail Doctor) shared what’s he’s learned from his days on the sales floor in a recent blog:

  • Try to keep it fun. Some customers can be counted on to help keep it that way.
  • Borrow a page from Amazon. Make sure to text or email your online, curbside and BOPIS shoppers with information on similar items other customers have purchased.
  • Weather affects all retailers. If it’s raining buckets or snowing heavily, cut your customers some slack. They braved the elements to make it to your store so it’s understandable if they’re not in a great mood.
  • Be ready to work overtime even if your staff does not. Your reward may not be in greater immediate pay, but an eventual bonus if your store beats sales goals.
  • Be prepared for stressors. They’re an inevitable part of the holiday season.

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