Times asks when downtown Seattle will rebound

Mar 3, 2021
Written by wpengine

Compared to its former vitality, downtown Seattle has been a ghost town in the past year of the coronavirus virus. Most believe it eventually will rebound, but how much and when?

The Seattle Times recently explored the question in a lengthy piece.

The story outlined several forces likely to change the face and energy of downtown.

These include:

  • The pace and effectiveness of vaccine rollouts.
  • The extent that working from home becomes a permanent reality.
  • How quickly new businesses will replace the 160 downtown businesses that permanently closed during the pandemic.
  • How quickly summer tourism and year-round conventions return to downtown.
  • Only 1 in an estimated 5 downtown employees who began working from their homes had returned to work as of last month.

Downtown’s health is a significant consideration. The Times reports that prior to the pandemic, downtown accounted for more than half of Seattle’s jobs and tax revenue.

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