Three-pronged success strategies of Retail Services

May 22, 2019
Written by Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations & Retail Services

The long-standing reputation of Washington Retail made it easy for me to make a career move two months ago. With an insider’s view now, I am proud to share how our Retail Services team continues to build this reputation every day.

Value-based claims service guided by service principles

We are a value-based organization and our collective goal is to offer our members constant communication, trust and transparency, accountability, expertise, flexibility and a commitment to excellence. The level of confidentiality, expertise, and professionalism our claims team offers to our members is indisputable.

Our team serves our members relentlessly by keeping their interests at the forefront of every decision. We are guided by the following service principles:

  • timely processing at every stage of the claim
  • vigilant communication with an emphasis on education and consultation
  • emphasis on return to work via education and a free processing service to secure reimbursements for members
  • engage third-party services when necessary which include attorneys, surveillance, etc.
  • teamwork to review claims and to maximize refund to members

 Sustainable cultures of safety in the workplace

Our motto is “Safety First” to prevent workplace incidents. The bottom line matters to businesses.  We focus on reducing the costs associated with workplace injuries. Our Safety Specialist, Rick Means, administers a robust safety program and has secured four grants to address both the aging workforce and the SAFEME App.  The App allows entry-level workers easy access to safety training tools. Analytics show a nationwide adoption of the app and wide usage in Washington State.

Member growth through relationships and sound underwriting

The education and growth of the Retro membership are credited to our Director of Business Development, Terry Hopsecger, who believes it’s all about relationships. Her plain talk approach makes the introduction to potential members easy to understand.  She educates companies about the importance of a solid safety program that in turn promotes a sustainable workplace culture.  Safety does affect our members’ bottom lines.  Safety increases on-the-job worker satisfaction.

With this strong three-legged stool as our foundation, we will focus on growing our capacity and capability to support our members in the ever-changing market and regulatory environment.

Stay tuned for our updates.