Three out of six initiatives to receive public hearings

Feb 22, 2024
Written by WR Communications

The initiatives receiving hearings include Initiative I-2081, establishing a parental bill of rights for public school education; I- 2111, prohibiting state and local income taxes; and I- 2113, loosening restrictions on police vehicular pursuits.

Notably, the remaining three initiatives will not receive public hearings. These include I- 2109 to repeal the capital gains tax, I- 2117 to repeal the Climate Commitment Act, and I- 2124 to expand opt-outs of the state’s long-term care program.

The House and Senate will hold joint public hearings on the selected initiatives on February 27 and 28, with specific times to be confirmed later.

Let’s Go Washington, the group behind the initiatives, gathered 2.6 million signatures in their push to place these measures on the ballot. While the Legislature may approve the initiatives, it’s unlikely. If not, they’ll be sent to voters for the November ballot. Furthermore, Let’s Go Washington invites supporters will hold a rally on February 23 at 12pm on the Capitol steps in Olympia, to discuss these critical issues and show solidarity for their causes.


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