The Retail Doctor on how to increase sales

Aug 27, 2020
Written by wpengine

As COVID-19 hangs around, retailers are more occupied with figuring out how to increase sales.

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs (The Retail Doctor) has been emphasizing a commitment to safety but he shared seven other proven ways to help sales in a recent blog.

Here are a few of his recommendations:

  • Remember this about luring sales: you, as a retailer, have to go out of your way to coax shoppers to go out of theirs to visit your store.
  • Master at least one social media site to attract shoppers. Phibbs recommends Instagram or Facebook. Lots of trips to stores start online. If you can afford it, use professional photography and keep your website design up to date.
  • Use consistent marketing messages. Don’t be frequently re-inventing your target audience. It confuses customers.
  • Watch HGTV for creative ways to decorate the entrance to your store.
  • Put time into training your sales staff and hold them accountable.

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