The coming upheaval in presidential election politics

Jan 5, 2023
Written by WR Communications

With swing states no longer influencing the national presidential election process, newer ones are taking their place and changing the landscape—aka battlefield— of the 2024 election.

Swing states, also known as battleground states, are states in which the outcome of an election is not a foregone conclusion and could go either way. Historically, these states have proven important because they have swayed the outcome of elections with their high number of electoral votes.

With New Hampshire holding the first presidential primary, and Iowa holding the first caucus, these two states and have led the influencer process of choosing the next president for over 50 years. However, if Biden and the Democratic National Committee succeed in making changes, the powerful effect of these two states will be replaced by the sway of South Carolina. Voters in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will also have significant impact on the final election outcome.

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