Temp jobs will outpace permanent hires

Nov 21, 2019
Written by wpengine
Tacoma-based TrueBlue reports that the pace of temporary job growth may exceed permanent hires in the next five years.
The workforce solutions company issued the following findings from its collaboration with Emsi, a labor analytics resource:
  • Companies added some 480,000 temp jobs from 2012 to 2019 seeking more flexibility in how they staff workers seeking greater control over when and where they work.
  • Most people who accept so-called gig temporary work are older than age 35. Their main motivation is to earn extra income or to introduce themselves to companies where they might desire permanent placement.
  • Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago are expected to add the most temporary jobs through 2025.
  • The fastest-growing companies supplying temporary help are in supply chains including transportation and customer service.