Teens help staff an economic comeback this Summer

Jun 17, 2021
Written by wpengine

According to a recent article in Axios, the teenage workforce is poised to make a huge impact this Summer as employers look to fill jobs in preparation for state economies opening back up. Even in Washington state which opens fully on June 30, employers have voiced concerns over shortages of qualified job applicants. Many workers did not return to jobs they previously held prior to the pandemic either due to a desire for a career change, lack of child or family care options, or concerns over health and safety in their former workplaces. The restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors were hit especially hard by these worker shortages.

Many teenagers fresh on summer break are seeking new opportunities for job experiences and growth, and are looking to earn and save income for school and other expenses in the Fall. Retailers should seriously consider tapping into this eager labor force to help fill positions in their stores. “The adolescent labor market last peaked in the Summer of 1978 when half of the teenage population was working” according to reports. This Summer could see a huge renaissance for teen workers and provide businesses with some much needed relief and stability.

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