Target goes supersize

Nov 17, 2022
Written by WR Communications

Last week, Target Corp. announced the next evolution of its new story strategy and design to serve its guests and team members better. In recent years, Target has opened small-format concept stores tailored to urban areas and younger shoppers. In a significant pivot, the company is now set to open a new large-format store that will stand at approximately 150,000 square feet—roughly 20,000 square feet larger than its average, according to a company release.

While Target will focus on developing these large format stores in the coming years, it will also continue opening stores of other sizes.

The large format store, the first of which is opening outside of Houston, Texas, is the result of Target “playing around with other design elements,” including what it described as a more open layout and localized elements, which the retailer said it would add to future remodels as well.

Target’s new stores with a larger footprint will feature the following:

  • More space: The new store layout delivers a backroom fulfillment space that’s five times larger than previous stores of similar size. This additional space will help support the ongoing growth Target has experienced, with its stores fulfilling more than 95% of the retailer’s digital orders and same-day services accounting for more than 10% of its overall sales.
  • Built-in sustainability: The retailer’s stores and operations play a pivotal role in its goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. Its future new stores and remodels will include updates such as natural (CO2) refrigerants to help lower the retailer’s emissions and EV charging ports for its guests, with many locations including rooftop solar.
  • Full range of merchandise: These larger Target stores will offer guests the retailer’s full assortment of merchandise, including expanded food and beverage, exclusive brand partnerships, and a curated mix of owned brands and national brands that continues to differentiate the retailer and build guest loyalty.
  • Increased light and natural elements: Larger windows and a more open layout will bring in more natural light. The design infuses elements such as plants and regionally sourced reclaimed wood to create a welcoming and inspiring space for guests and team members.
  • Localized design features: Target will pull in community-focused elements to each store’s design, from native landscaping outside the store to localized product offerings to foster an even more relevant experience for guests.
  • Enhanced team spaces: Target considers its team members to be at the core of its success, and the company has invested to serve its team better when off the sales floor. The modernized offices and team member spaces provide flexible rooms that can be rearranged to serve the team’s varying needs and offer comfortable furniture options such as booth seating and more.

Starting in 2023, more than half of Target’s approximately 200 full-store remodels and almost all of the retailer’s approximately 30 new stores will include elements of the new design. Beginning in 2024, all of Target’s remodels and new stores will feature most of the reimagined store design elements.


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