Tacoma Mall transforming into a vibrant “Lifestyle Village”

Sep 28, 2023
Written by WR Communications


The Tacoma Mall is now embarking on an exciting journey to enhance its appeal further. The mall’s proprietors, Simon Property Group, recently submitted an application to the City of Tacoma. Their vision entails the addition of three new restaurants and retail areas on the north side of the property, heralding the mall’s transformation into a “lifestyle village.”

For Ziemer, this concept resonates deeply, particularly in the post-COVID era. “An experience-based concept? Where people can come in and see everything together instead of seeking out each individual thing, and you provide a welcoming environment? That’s the business model I’ve had to adapt to,” he observed. Despite the growth of online shopping, real estate firm Kidder Mathews reports that over 86% of retail sales in the US still originate from physical locations.

Ziemer eagerly anticipates the changes the mall will implement to attract a more diverse audience, recognizing that the mall’s success benefits all surrounding businesses. “Drawing more people in can only benefit all the stores around here, provided that they’re aware and are doing the right things to keep attracting business and getting people to stay,” he emphasized.

While specific businesses earmarked for inclusion in the Tacoma Mall’s redevelopment have not been announced, construction is slated to commence next March, promising an exciting transformation into a thriving “lifestyle village.”


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