Surge in vehicle thefts raises concerns across Washington state

Oct 12, 2023
Written by WR Communications


A concerning surge in vehicle thefts has been reported at a Tacoma shopping area parking lot, where six cars were stolen on the same day. Since 2018, nearly 400 reported motor vehicle thefts have been reported in this area, and this year’s thefts are on track to break the yearly record.

This issue is not confined to Tacoma alone, as Washington is grappling with the problem statewide. A 2022 National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) study revealed that Washington has the second-highest vehicle theft rate in the United States. As lawmakers attempt to tackle the staggering number of vehicles stolen, their understanding of the underlying causes will be crucial to addressing the broader implications of the issue.

Criminals steal vehicles and use them to engage in many illegal activities, with retail theft one of the most significant consequences. Criminals use stolen cars as a convenient means of transporting stolen goods and executing additional crimes across the state—including storefront “smash and grabs,” which are occurring at a staggering rate. This link between vehicle and retail thefts has far-reaching consequences that directly affect public safety.

Dealing with vehicle theft is not just about safeguarding personal property; it’s about ensuring the public’s safety, our communities’ welfare, and our state’s economic health. Recognizing the link between vehicle theft and organized retail theft allows us to allocate resources effectively and implement strategies to address these interconnected problems.

As we navigate the complexities of addressing this surge in vehicle thefts, we must adopt a comprehensive approach that involves law enforcement, community engagement, and public awareness. Together, we can work towards creating a safer environment for everyone in Washington.


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