Successful retail theft sting apprehends more than 20 shoplifters

May 23, 2024
Written by WR Communications

WR applauds the recent success of Gig Harbor Police in their ongoing efforts to combat retail theft. Over a two-day sting operation, law enforcement apprehended more than 20 shoplifters at various stores. While most offenders were issued citations and given future court dates, two individuals were arrested. One suspect was caught reoffending after an initial citation, and another, with a $150,000 warrant for identity theft from Kitsap County, was also detained. Often, retail thieves are connected to organized retail crime rings who recruit them to commit the offenses to fund their other criminal activities.

This operation, which involved a coordinated effort of uniformed and plain clothes officers, loss prevention personnel, and an investigator from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, is a testament to the dedication of local law enforcement to protect retailers and the community.

WR was a strong advocate of Initiative 2113, a significant legislative victory that reinstates law enforcement’s ability to safely pursue retail thieves and property criminals in their vehicles.

Effective June 6, 2024, this initiative corrects a previous legislative error that had banned police pursuits, leading to a surge in crime. By enabling officers to pursue and apprehend criminals, Initiative 2113 sends a strong message that retail theft will not be tolerated.

This success in Gig Harbor, following similar operations earlier this year, underscores the importance of Initiative 2113 in enhancing store safety and deterring criminal activity. WR remains committed to supporting both retailers and law enforcement in their efforts to create safer, more vibrant communities across Washington.

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