Stores start taking returns purchased elsewhere

Apr 24, 2019
Written by wpengine

Reports in the Wall Street Journal and online tell of a developing trend in retail: stores accepting returns purchased elsewhere.

The Journal reports that Walgreens and Nordstrom plan to allow shoppers at other brands and retailers to pick up or return the order at some stores. Retail Dive reports that starting in July, Amazon returns will be possible at all Kohl’s more than 1,150 locations across 48 states. Kohl’s also is carrying Amazon products such as the Echo device in more than 200 stores.

Retail Dive offered the background: returns are pressuring online sellers. Returns complicate fulfillment and delivery, add costs and subtract from sales. At the same time, customers expect to be able to return merchandise that doesn’t work out. Finally, stores willing to collect returns experience sales increases by generating more traffic.

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