Store appearance is important during COVID-19

Jul 23, 2020
Written by wpengine

Your store’s appearance both outside and in is part of the formula you as a retailer need to remember to improve your chances of recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs included several examples in a recent blog.

Here are some of the highlights listed by The Retail Doctor:

  • Showcase health and safety. A spotless retail store must also at a minimum require social distancing, have plexiglass separations between cashier and shopper, sanitizing, and masks.
  • If you’re surrounded by vacancies, get landlords to put art, displays or something in vacant windows so the view from the street is inviting.
  • A store that is haphazardly organized adds stress and anxiety for shoppers. If shoppers feel as though it takes too much work to shop at your store, they won’t.
  • Read your online reviews to see if your store’s appearance is affecting shoppers. Criticism might hurt but it will help to make you better.
  • Five more tips to improve appearance:
    1. Paint, light or otherwise highlight your front door
    2. Install planters on either side of your doors
    3. Put out a welcome mat
    4. Create an eye-catching window display
    5. Add motion to your window – even a spinning pinwheel near a fan can work wonders.