Statewide poll finds strong concern about economy and other issues

Jan 12, 2023
Written by WR Communications

A late December Crosscut Elway Poll found Washington voters most concerned about the economy, public safety, and homelessness.

In the poll, voters are less optimistic about the 2023 direction of the country (45% better/50% worse) and state (48% better/45% worse) than they are about the direction of their community (51% better/42% worse) and their own household (52% better/29% worse). Concerns about the state are reflected in voter ratings for the Governor as well (46% favorable/52% negative).

Voters strongly support using the expected $6 billion in state revenues to “meet increased demand and cost for services without raising taxes” (55%). By a 52% – 42% margin, voters support the Governor’s budget proposal to create 26,000 affordable housing units over the next six years that are focused on the needs of “people who are homeless, low-income, or who have disabilities or chronic mental illness.” Spending an additional $2 billion on K-12 education has even stronger support (60% support/34% oppose). Voters were far less enthusiastic about a proposal requiring all vehicles sold, bought, or registered in the state, to be electric after 2035 (40% support/54% oppose).


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