Spokane and Seattle in top 10 metro job growth cities

Feb 24, 2022
Written by WR Communications

As cities across the U.S. rebound from Covid economic downturns, Spokane and Seattle both placed in the top 10 cities in 2021 job growth. Indeed, among the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan markets, Spokane trailed only Orlando, Florida, in the rate of job growth at 7.6%. While Seattle ranked 10th in job growth, its 123,300 new jobs trailed only Los Angeles (#6 with 387,900 new jobs).

For the most part, state capitols fared poorly in job growth. Richmond (Virginia), Boise (Idaho), Jackson (Mississippi), Little Rock (Arkansas), Hartford (Connecticut), and Columbia (South Carolina) all ranked among the cities with the smallest increases in jobs.

In the state ranking of total new jobs, Washington State ranked 10th (Washington is the 13th largest state in population).

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