Some election results flip from last week

Nov 12, 2020
Written by Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs

As counties continue to count ballots, several election races are very close, and some have flipped from original reports. Also, several new legislators will be sworn in this January but a shift in numbers will not affect the Democrat control of the two chambers.

Please note there are still ballots being counted. Final results may not be known for several weeks. Some of the very close races will trigger a recount.

In the very close race for State Senate in the 5th, incumbent Mark Mullet holds a narrow lead of just 78 votes over challenger Ingrid Anderson. T

In other races:

  • The battle for the 10thDistrict Senate seat has reversed course and now has incumbent Ron Muzzall with a 1,370-vote advantage and open House seat being bested by Greg Gilday by 528 votes. I
  • In the always challenging 17thDistrict House incumbent Vicki Kraft has reversed the outcome and now leads challenger Tanisha Harris by 1,791.
  • In the 4thDistrict Rob Chase, won election to the House; David Hackney beat incumbent Zack Hudgins in the 11th House race; Perry Dozier is the new Senator from the 16th; Mark Klicker is the new House member from the 16th; Cyndy Jacobsen won the open House seat in the 25th; former State Rep. Eric Robertson returns to represent the 31st and former State Rep. Jim McCune returns to the legislature as the Senator from the 2

WR looks forward to working with all the new Legislators on ensuring a vibrant and growing retail industry. Follow election updates with the Secretary of State here.