Six steps toward a better new year for retailers

Jan 7, 2021
Written by wpengine

Retail consultant Bob Phibbs writes about a six-step process retailers can use to plan for a better New Year than the struggles of 2020.

His formula can help you turn fear and anxiety into hope and become your own life coach.

Here goes:

  • Take a deep breath or several and forget about last year.
  • Remember what strategies did work last year and carry them forward.
  • Envision your one most important goal for 2021 and write it down. Finish the sentence: “This year I want to……..” It can be about anything. It’s called envisioning.
  • Devise a game plan listing the three things it will take to reach your goal. Is it hiring, learning new sales techniques, ignoring your smartphone when it chirps? Whatever it is, write these beneath your main goal.
  • Hold yourself accountable. Write three dates on a calendar or enter “How am I doing?” into your phone. Do this with a friend and each be the other’s accountability partner.
  • Sleep on it. Place the paper under your pillow after asking what you did that day to advance toward the goal. When you wake up, ask what you can do that day to move toward achieving your one specific goal.

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