Shop local to celebrate Independent Retailers’ Month

Jul 13, 2023
Written by WR Communications

Independent Retailer Month is celebrated in July to recognize the contribution of independent retailers who help our economy by creating sustainable cities, towns, and communities. This recognition was first observed in July 2011 when Tom Shay and Kerry Banniganed worked together with a common purpose to celebrate independent retailers around the globe.

The focus of Independent Retailer Month is to encourage consumers to shop locally at independently owned retailers. Shopping locally helps highlight the positive social and economic impacts these businesses have on local, national, and global levels. Our economy and the health of communities depend on our support of businesses owned by our friends and neighbors.

Civic Economics says the local community retains $68 of every $100 spent locally. Known as the multiplier effect, every dollar spent at an independent business returns three times more revenue to the local economy versus dollars spent at national chains. A 2018 Home Sweet Home study concluded that local retailers reinvest 130% more revenues than chain retailers.

Statistics and other data regarding independent retailers’ economic and social contributions can be found here. Promotional resources for Independent Retailer Month are available on the Independent Retailer Month resources page.


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