Sephora: Balancing global vision with local execution 

Jun 6, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Sephora, the world’s largest prestige beauty retailer, masterfully balances its global reach with local relevance. Led by three pioneering female presidents—Artemis Patrick in North America, Alia Gogi in Asia, and Sylvie Moreau in Europe and the Middle East—Sephora continues to expand and innovate across 34 markets. 

In North America, Sephora is experiencing double-digit sales growth, fueled by both e-commerce and physical stores. The partnership with Kohl’s is pivotal, with plans to add Sephora locations in 100 more Kohl’s stores this month and aim for $2 billion in sales next year. This move brings more men and families into Sephora and enhances engagement during peak shopping periods. 

Sephora’s ambitious project to revamp all U.S. and Canadian stores over the next five to seven years will transform the shopping experience.  With new fixtures and layouts, emphasizing a strong focus on purpose-driven, inclusive culture, Sephora’s leadership team, predominantly women, continues to drive the brand forward, ensuring every market feels both the global and local Sephora touch. 


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