Seattle’s Delivery Pay Ordinance costs businesses $27M+ in lost revenue 

Jun 13, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Since January, Seattle businesses reliant on third-party delivery apps have faced over $27 million in lost revenue due to the city’s Delivery Pay Ordinance. A new revenue tracker highlights the ongoing financial strain on local establishments, including small, independent stores and restaurants. Despite clear data illustrating these losses, the City Council has delayed voting on a compromise bill that would ensure delivery workers earn at least Seattle’s minimum wage of nearly $20 an hour, excluding tips and mileage.

Tammie Hetrick, president and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association, emphasized the unsustainability of the ordinance, noting its detrimental effects on businesses already battling rising costs. She called for immediate action, highlighting the importance of a balanced solution.

Marcos Wanless, president of the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, stressed the ordinance’s negative impact on Seattle’s restaurants, which are crucial for job creation, tourism, and the city’s overall health. He urged the council to rectify the situation promptly.

Reneé Sunde, president and CEO of WR, echoed these concerns, urging the council to act on the compromise measure to alleviate the burden on retailers and delivery workers. The data is clear: it’s time for the council to resolve this issue and support the city’s businesses and workforce. 


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