Seattle repeals hazard pay mandate for grocery workers

Aug 11, 2022
Written by WR Communications

On August 2, the Seattle City Council voted 5-2 to repeal the Covid Hazard Pay ordinance that mandated an additional $4 per hour for grocery workers. The mandate was in effect for 18 months. Councilmembers Juarez, Lewis, Nelson, Pedersen, and Strauss voted for the repeal, while Councilmembers Morales and Sawant opposed it. Mayor Harrell signed the repeal on August 3, triggering the 30-day period until the mandate ends.

Many grocery workers will see their pay remain the same or even increase. A new grocery industry contract with the United Food and Commercial Workers will take effect at almost the same time as the repeal. The new contract will provide raises of $4 – $9 per hour.


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