Seattle renews and expands Downtown Metropolitan Improvement District for another 10 years

May 9, 2023
Written by WR Communications


On May 2, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved legislation by Councilmember Sara Nelson to fund the Metropolitan Improvement District (“MID”) through 2033. The legislation also expands the downtown area served by the MID, which is managed by the Downtown Seattle Association.

The MID’s critical services to downtown include:

  • Downtown ambassadors who clean up streets and sidewalks and provide security
  • Organizing family-friendly events
  • Transportation and commuting services
  • Promoting and marketing downtown
  • Research and economic development

In the past year alone, the MID’s 130 ambassadors:

  • Collected more than 1.2 million gallons of trash from downtown sidewalks and alleys
  • Removed more than 37,000 graffiti tags and stickers from public and private property
  • Helped almost 29,000 people with directions
  • Conducted more than 6,800 welfare checks on unsheltered individuals

The expanded service area will now extend from Denny Way to the south end of Pioneer Square.


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