Seattle issues new bag guidelines

Apr 3, 2020
Written by wpengine
During the length of the COVID-19 virus crisis, the City of Seattle has issued new rules for bagging in grocery and foodservice situations.
The ban on plastic bags remains in place but will not be enforced while the crisis is in effect, according to the Seattle Public Utilities update. It urges stores to post signs that the relaxation of using non-complaint bags is only temporary for the duration of the health crisis.
The 5-cent fee for using paper bags will continue. The temporary policy allows retailers to use their discretion regarding the use of reusable bags by customers. Stores may waive the 5-cent fee if they are not allowing customers to use reusable bags.
The city wants to provide flexibility for stores that are finding compliant bags in short supply during the health crisis, the announcement says. Merchants with further questions can call 206-343-8505 or email [email protected]. The city pledges to direct those with questions to answers as quickly as possible.