Seattle initiative to address homelessness

May 14, 2021
Written by wpengine

A broad coalition of civic and community leaders has launched Compassion Seattle, whose goal is to amend the city charter to require a greater focus on addressing the needs of homelessness. Compassion Seattle intends to accomplish this by placing an initiative on the November 2021 general election ballot. Supporters are now accepting signatures from registered voters to qualify the proposal for a November election to amend the city charter.

Supporters will soon be collecting signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot. Check this website for information and how you can sign the petition.

The outcome of the charter amendment campaign will have a major impact on city policy. The charter amendment would require the City to spend 12% of its general fund on housing and services for the homeless. It would also require:

  • Treatment and support for substance use disorders
  • Mental health services, including a rapid response team that would be available as an alternative to a police response in some situations
  • Connecting services with housing, including enhanced shelters, tiny houses, hotel rooms, and permanent supportive housing
  • And after the City has developed the services and housing options, the City would be required to keep public spaces, including parks and sidewalks, open and clear of encampments
  • Transparent and frequent public reporting on progress and challenges

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