Seattle councilman seeks natural gas ban on new construction

Sep 30, 2019
Written by wpengine

Natural gas hookups would be banned for most new construction in Seattle under proposal by outgoing City Councilman Mike O’Brien.

The controversial proposal, CB 119640, prompted immediate resistance and persuaded O’Brien to put off any vote on a ban until at least December, his last month in office as Chair of the Council’s Sustainability and Transporation Committee.

O’Brien said he installed natural gas in his Seattle home several years ago, but has had a change of heart about its safety. He and his supporters note that natural gas is potentially explosive and they maintain it is harmful to the environment.

Spokesmen for King County Realtors said a ban could curtail consumer choices while the Building Owners and Managers Association of Seattle King County said the idea needs more study that a few months of consideration.

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