Seattle Council reconsiders Delivery Pay Ordinance amid backlash

Apr 11, 2024
Written by WR Communications

Seattle City Council is reconsidering its controversial delivery pay ordinance following two months of backlash. The ordinance, implemented in January 2024, aimed to protect delivery workers but resulted in increased costs for consumers and lost revenue for businesses. The proposal discussed in the Governance, Accountability & Economic Development Committee seeks to rectify these issues.

The Alliance, including TechNet and the Seattle Latino Chamber of Commerce, highlights the urgency, emphasizing the significant economic impact of the app-based industry on the state. Renée Sunde, President/CEO of WR, stresses the detrimental effects on small retailers and family-owned businesses.

Sunde states, “For small retailers or family-owned businesses, this has created huge issues and lost revenue that will be tough to recover. Winter months are generally a little slower in the city as it is.”

Delivery workers, customers, and retailers have voiced concerns, urging the council to act swiftly. Sunde expresses hope for a speedy resolution, acknowledging the council’s willingness to address industry concerns.

The proposal must pass through committee before a potential full council vote in April, offering a chance to mitigate the adverse effects of the ordinance and support struggling businesses.

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