Seattle City Council Sets End Date for Hazard Pay Mandate

Dec 16, 2021
Written by wpengine

On Monday, December 13, the Seattle City Council voted to end the city’s hazard pay mandate for grocery workers. Seattle became the first Washington city with a hazard pay mandate when the Council passed the $4 per hour mandate on February 3, 2021. King County and several other Washington cities followed Seattle’s lead in passing their own hazard pay mandates for grocery workers.

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda sponsored the legislation to repeal the hazard pay. The repeal will take effect 30 days after the Mayor signs the legislation. According to the Mayor’s staff, Mayor Durkan has not yet reviewed the legislation. She has until December 23 to sign (or veto, which she will not) the legislation. After that date, it becomes law without her signature, meaning the repeal should take effect no later than January 22, 2022.