Seattle City Council committee approves revisions to app-based worker compensation law

Jun 25, 2024
Written by WR Communications

On May 9, the Seattle City Council’s Governance, Accountability & Economic Development Committee passed legislation to revise the city’s app-based worker minimum compensation law, which took effect on January 13.

Before approving the legislation by a 4-0 vote (with Councilmember Joy Hollingsworth abstaining, asking her colleagues for more time for additional stakeholder engagement), the committee unanimously approved a series of amendments. Among the key amendments was the restoration of the private right of action provisions, which had been slated for elimination under the proposed legislation. Additionally, some enforcement authority of the City’s Office of Labor Standards was reinstated.

One notable adjustment in the amended legislation is the postponement, by one year, of immediate penalties for inadvertent violations of the law, excluding cases involving non-payment or retaliation against workers. During this grace period, businesses will have 30 days to rectify such violations to avoid penalties.

While the full Council was expected to vote on this legislation on May 21, Council President Sara Nelson, sponsor of the legislation, has opted to delay action by the Council until May 28. This extension aims to accommodate Councilmember Hollingsworth’s request for further stakeholder consultations on the proposed changes.

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