Safety Topic: Making safety a value

Oct 28, 2021
Written by wpengine

Safety is often referred to as a priority, not as a value. Priorities change in response to situational demands. When safety is a basic value, it becomes a natural way of performing a job instead of being a ‘priority’.

When we tell employees that safety is a priority and present them with all the rules, policies, and procedures we have put in place and then threaten them with write-ups, suspensions, and/or termination for ignoring said rules, policies, and procedures, we create an atmosphere of “we are the boss and you will do as we say”.

Getting employees to make safety be a value to them takes some work but it can be done if presented in a different way than as a threat. A different approach could be to make safety a personal issue. We need to get inside their heads. Stop saying: “I will write you up if I see you giving someone a ride on your forklift”. Instead, explain to that operator the person they are putting in danger is someone’s son or daughter, or that person has a 2-year-old child at home who wants to see mom or dad come home every day.

By making safety a core value, making it personal, and then practicing what we preach, we can make safety a positive issue instead of a negative one.

There are some good videos on this topic in RS SafetyTV.

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