Safety tip of the week

Mar 20, 2019
Written by wpengine

Make sure required posters are on the wall

The State of Washington requires companies to display the posters listed below.

Please review your posters and check the lower right corner to see what date they were published.  If they don’t match the dates noted here, please print a new one to post to remain in compliance. Use the links provided below to print out any posters you might be missing.





09/2015 Job Safety and Health Law

08/2017 Your Rights as a Worker

12/2012 Notice to Employees – If a Job Injury Occurs

12/2018 Washington State Minimum wage

10/2017 Unemployment Benefits Poster
11/2009 Equal Opportunity Employment

08/2016 Fair Labor Standards Act – (FLSA)

07/2016 Employee Polygraph Protection Act

04/2016 Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Were a Labor & Industries inspector to visit your business, posters would be one of the items that he/she would check as well as your Safety Meeting Log Book, Accident Prevention Program and Safety Data Sheets (for companies that work with chemicals).

Click here for additional L&I information on required posters. WR employs Safety Specialist Rick Means, in part, to assist members with planning safety meetings including sharing topics to discuss. Reach Rick at 360-200-6454 or [email protected]