Safety tip of the week

Feb 5, 2020
Written by wpengine

CPR training has been updated

Labor & Industries requires that companies have people on staff trained in first aid when employees are present.

Those of you who haven’t taken a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in years should know that training in Automated External Defibrillators has been added. These portable AEDs come complete for use in an emergency and are designed to be self-instructive. A recorded message talks you through the steps of an attempt to revive a patient. Whether you have one in the store or not, you could find yourself in a location with one so it’s a good idea to update your training.

There is a second CPR option of doing only chest compressions instead of the combination of breathing and compressions. This method requires more compressions per minute. Performing the compressions only is a way to keep the blood circulating to get some oxygen to the brain.  Although the lungs don’t get as much air as the mouth–to-mouth method, the compressions do cause the lungs to allow some oxygen to enter the blood system. The mouth-to-mouth option remains for those comfortable with it.

Employers should periodically update their first aid records to reflect the current list of certified CPR employees.

WR employs Rick Means as Director of Safety and Education who is available to members to help draw up plans and topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198 x118 or [email protected].