Safety tip of the week

Sep 4, 2019
Written by Rick Means, Director of Safety & Education

Make safety an employee engagement tool

Studies show a correlation between safety performance and employee engagement. Gallup reports that engaged businesses experience 62% fewer safety incidents than businesses with low or no employee engagement.

An “engaged employee” is one who is fully involved and enthusiastic about their work and thus will act in a way that furthers the organization’s interests. They have satisfaction in their work, pride in their employer, believe in what they do and that their employer values what they offer the company.

You can engage your employees with open communication, employee involvement and participation. Employers also need to respect employees. Encourage employees to have a sense of pride and ownership by asking them how they improve their work processes and activities. Other ways to encourage involvement:

  • Encourage participation at safety meetings
  • Allow employees to sample protective equipment, tools, etc. before making a change.
  • Discuss proposed workplace changes with affected employees before implementation or change.
  • Conduct a ‘Hazard Hunt’ day and award a prize for the employee who comes up with the most observations.

Employee engagement is a powerful tool to improve safety performance and other business measures as well. It will also help to improve the bottom line.

WR employs Rick Means as a Safety Specialist who is available to members to help draw up safety plans and suggest topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198, Ext. 18 or [email protected]