SAFEME is now available in Spanish

Nov 13, 2019
Written by wpengine

With the success of SAFEME, a free app aimed at educating young and first-time employees about how to work safely, Washington Retail (WR) is launching a Spanish version of SAFEME in both Essentials and Automotive.

Studies show that workers age 16 to 20 sustain more on-the-job injuries per capita than older workers. Approximately one in five retail workers is in the app’s target age group. According to July 2017 US Census data, the people of Hispanic origin are the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. With the growing importance of the Hispanic population in mind, Rick Means, Washington Retail’s Safety Specialist, secured our fifth L&I Safety and Health Investment Program grant to convert the 24 SAFEME workplace safety training lessons into Spanish.

The SAFEME app is available courtesy of a grant from Labor & Industries’ Safety and Health Investment Projects. It is available on the web and for Apple and Android smartphones.

Before the launch, WR partnered with the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to conduct a usability test with Spanish-speaking workers and supervisors to test these newly-converted technology-based tools.

WR’s aim is to supplement, not replace, the legal requirement of employers to provide safety education and training.

Visit Washington Retail to learn more or download the app today.