RS wins contract for COVID safety outreach

Nov 19, 2020
Written by Rose Gundersen, VP of Operations & Retail Services

Providing members with COVID safety guidelines has been our priority since March. Our ongoing support is going to get an upgrade through a Labor and Industries contract awarded to provide COVID safety training for small retailers in Washington State.

This award will enable us to use multiple communications platforms to deliver training and resources beyond our current COVID-19 Reopening Resources page. In addition, we have built-in a subcontracting relationship with the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce to target delivery of resources to Hispanic small businesses. This relationship is intended to support our board’s newly approved Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative with multiple actionable items to equip ethnic businesses.

Securing this award would not be possible without the safety knowledge and innovative ideas generated by Rick Means, our Director of Safety and Education, to further support our small business members. This is truly a win-win for both small retailers and their employees.