Rise Up certifications accessible to K12 students with federal funding in 2023-24

Feb 23, 2023
Written by WR Communications

WR is pleased to announce that three of the four RISE Up certifications developed by retailers are now on the 2023-24 Industry Recognized Credentials list under the “Business management & Administration” career cluster. However, the most popular Customer Service & Sales certification that teaches the skill Washington employers seek most—regardless of the position or responsibilities—did not make it to the industry recognition credential list.

According to Matt Murphy, the President/CEO of the South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce who works closely with school districts in his area, CTE directors and the DECA program teachers have struggled to find industry certifications for the business/retail field. This recognition will benefit students in K12 business and marketing programs because they can now access these certifications with federal funding.

WR wants to acknowledge the partnerships with the National Retail Federation Foundation, the Washington Association of Careers and Technical Administrators (WACTA), and many of our members to secure this win for students and our industry.

Knowing that 38% of frontline retail workers are people of color, WR will continue the advocacy because it aligns with our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles. When diverse retail career pathways are visible and desirable, opportunities abound for those who may not have upskilling opportunities without a connected system.


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