Retailers urge Congressional action for protection from COVID lawsuits

Oct 29, 2020
Written by wpengine

Retailers nationwide are urging Congress to pass the Safe To Work Act that would provide them legal protections from lawsuits seeking damages for people who become infected with COVID-19.

The bill, S. 4317, would create a safe harbor from liability for companies that implement public health safety guidelines related to the transmission of COVID-19. Without congressional action, the threat of lawsuits against companies that have made good faith efforts to comply with safety protocols would severely impact business operations and slow a recovery from the economic recession.

The National Retail Federation has established an online action line to contact Congressional representatives to act on the bill.

Washington Retail joins NRF in urging retailers to immediately go to the site and take action to protect themselves from frivolous and damaging lawsuits that may result during and after the pandemic. The action line contains a message to Congress and provides room for retailers to summarize their individual concerns.