Retailers and congressional lawmakers unite to fight ORC

Dec 7, 2023
Written by WR Communications


In a strategic move to combat organized retail crime (ORC), retailers and lawmakers are pushing for the passage of the Combating Organized Retail Crime Act (CORCA). This legislation is a critical part of a wider effort to tackle ORC.

The hard work of retail advocates has led to 16 new members of Congress, comprising 13 House representatives and three senators, endorsing the bill. The recent surge in support has brought the total to 92 House sponsors, including Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a prominent retail advocate, and 13 Senate cosponsors.

The momentum behind CORCA is expected to continue, with additional lawmakers indicating their readiness to support the bill in the upcoming weeks. This growing backing underscores the bill’s importance in addressing the challenges posed by ORC, which significantly impacts retail profits, employee safety, and consumer costs.

CORCA aims to establish a multi-agency group under the Department of Homeland Security to centralize information from various law enforcement agencies, enhancing the ability to combat ORC effectively. This legislation, along with other measures like the INFORM Act, is seen as vital in providing a more robust legal framework to prosecute ORC.

The retail community is encouraged to maintain the momentum by participating in the ongoing grassroots campaign. The collective effort is crucial for ensuring the passage of this legislation. As the legislative year progresses, the retail community’s continued support and active involvement will be pivotal in moving the bill through the necessary stages and ultimately securing its enactment.

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